55 year old lady came was diagnosed with hiatus hernia with GERD , we did laparoscopic crurroraphy with lap Nissen fundoplication, I want to thank Dr Sachin Mittal and dr Arjun , for assisting me in the surgery they both were instrumental , I want to thank kalka ma for her support my wife my kids my friends , my teachers , my patients who faith in me hlp me lots To perform better.

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44 year old patient from Saudi Arabia with BMI of 40 was diagnosed with GERD with Hiatus Hernia , My team including Dr Sachin , Ot sisters Deepamala and Deepa sister were instrumental in performing Laparoscopic Nissens fundoplication with crurroraphy .

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50 year old female diagnosed with cholecystits with choledocholithiasis ,USG and MRCP showed 1.8 cm calculus in mid Common bile duct , ERCP was done and CBD was stented , stone couldn't be removed , my team did laparoscopic cholecystectomy with laparoscopic CBD exploration with removal of stone with CBD repair over the stent , patient was discharged on 2 nd post operative day drain placed was removed on 5th postoperative day it was a long surgery of 4 hours duration due to dense adhesions and distorted anatomy .

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34 year old male came with h/o stab injury , entry wound present at left thorax and left side of abdomen , CECT showed massive left haemothorax and haemoperitoneum , left ICD tube was put and patient was resuscitated , patient was taken up for diagnostic laparoscopy , 3.5 litre of haemoperitoneum present with tear in left diaphragm , laparoscopic repair of diaphragm done along with abdominal lavage and drain placed in pelvis and peri splenic area , on 2 nd post operative day patient is taking soft diet and ambulating.

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34 yrs police officer from Iraq diagnosed case of hiatus hernia with severe GERD , we performed laparoscopic floppy Nissens fundoplication with crurral repair , Gud team and Gud centre is required for Gud result , patient discharged on 2 post operative day , dnt ignore acid reflux symptoms.

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13 yr old boy with history of blunt trauma with bicycle came with features of perforation peritonitis, on laparoscopy, there was intestinal perforation in proximal ileum, with shearing injury to the caecum, perforation was repaired laparoscopically, with abdomen lavage, it was done in midnight at 1 am, doing laparoscopically in night is difficult wnt to thank the my team mate dr Sachin Mittal, Anesthesia team, and supporting staff for making it success, patient is discharged on 4 post operative day, with almost no scar and minimal morbidity.

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59 years old male from UP came with diagnosed perforation peritonitis , on laparoscopy we found perforation in 1 st part of duodenum , laparoscopic omental patch with laparoscopic lavage done , laparoscopy in emergency setting is difficult , but gud for patient , good team mate like dr Sachin Mittal and gud centre with facilities is needed for gud result.

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